An autobiography about life in Nanjing as a foreigner


Three Years in Nanjing - life in a 21st Century city in China

Having spent their entire lives in the UK, Derek and Anita found that as middle age arrived and life took another twist, an opportunity arose to go and work as teachers in China. It was a country that neither of them had ever been to, but one that fascinated them with its seemingly endless mysteries covered over by communist leaders, and a history that spanned over 2000 years. It was an opportunity not to be missed.

So over a period of three years they lived and worked among the people of Nanjing, a thriving metropolis that was once the capital city of China and, as such, has faced a multitude of challenges over the centuries. This history led to some fascinating days out in a strange city, 5.500 miles from home and, as a keen photographer, led to Derek spending many of his free hours photographing a different way of life to that in the West.


As teachers, they met a wide range of students and parents, as well as colleagues from all over the world, all of which provided both Derek and Anita an appreciation of life in a very foreign land that many people never have the luxury of experiencing. The different culture, the different working practices and the different food provided them with a new appreciation of the way that the world works and the way that we can learn from each other.


A behind the scenes view of city living in China

 Three Years in Nanjing is an illustrated book which records the experiences that Derek and Anita had whilst living in Nanjing, a city that is revelling in the 21st Century Chinese view of the world and is encompassing all things global and historical. It’s a melting pot of indigenous people from around China and is a growing centre for the international community, echoing its importance in the past. 



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